Total Loss Replacement Coverage for Your RV

1 year ago in RV, Insurance Guide

We offer an amazing advantage to our customers that other big insurance companies do not offer: Total Replacement Coverage. Though it sounds almost too good, it’s absolutely true. When you purchase a new RV that gets totaled in a crash, you could receive full replacement coverage for your RV. The length of time between the purchase and crash varies with each company that we represent, but it’s usually available for up to 5 years after your RV purchase. Talk about a generous learning curve! More »

Tips For Happiness With Your Used Camper

1 year ago in Camper

Our buddy Ted, an RV enthusiast, just bought a used camper with his new wife Cheryll. They’re retired, they both love roadtrips, adventure, and camping, so it was a perfect choice for them. They live in Florida, and not having to deal with drying out a tent is quite a luxury. However, that’s the point where the luxury stops- Ted bought a 16-year old “previously loved” RV with a sunken-in floor. His adventure was just beginning. More »

Tips about Motorcycles for Beginners

2 years ago in Motorcycle

Congratulations on your new bike! You’ve passed your class, purchased your wheels and you’re looking forward to enjoying all the excitement that goes along with your new lifestyle- however, those classes can’t teach you everything you need to know, and there are a lot of issues you’ll be dealing with which may surprise you once you’re without a car.
Here are a few FAQs which can puzzle a beginner, especially if your motorcycle is now your only means of transportation. Read these easy answers and you’ll be riding in style in no time. More »

Travel Tips for Dealing with Hotel Bed Bugs

2 years ago in Travel Guide, Safety

Bed bugs can show up anywhere, even in the most pristine and hygienic of environments, which is why we’ve developed these travel tips for dealing with hotel bed bugs. While bed bugs aren’t as common in developed countries, thanks to the advent of the powerful pesticide DDT, with a recent increase in International travel, Americans are bringing home accidental souvenirs and re-introducing these parasites to domestic turf. Which means that you could find bed bugs just about anywhere in America now. More »

Campsite Etiquette Tips for RV Beginners

2 years ago in RV, Camper, Camping Guide

Whether or not you’re a seasoned camper or just starting out, these campsite tips for RV beginners will help you get off on the right foot with your campsite neighbors and mother nature. More »

Having Happy Holidays on the Road

2 years ago in News

Most folks spend winter holidays curled up at home, warm and surrounded by family and friends. The truth is that with an RV at your beck and call, you can have the same feelings of comfort and enjoy the company of loved ones while gaining the perks of traveling during the holidays!
More »

Travel Guide to Science Centers in FL, NC, and GA

2 years ago in RV, Travel Trailer, Camper, Motorhome, Towable, Travel Guide

This RV travel guide is as valuable for young families as it is for the young at heart. Exploring the country in an RV is about what you see and where you stop, so for the science-minded in your touring group, visit any or all of these great southern science centers! More »

Travel Guide to Preparing for a Long RV Trip

2 years ago in RV, Travel Trailer, Camper, Motorhome, Towable, Travel Guide

There are special considerations to make when preparing for a long RV trip and RV travel safety is an important topic to us here at Gilbert RV Insurance. Please take the time to review these tips on how to make a long journey safe and successful! More »

Motorcycle Safety during Winter Travel

2 years ago in Motorcycle, Safety

These cold weather motorcycle riding tips can help you extend the riding season safely and enjoyably. Be sure to take a look at this list before you embark on a wintry journey! More »

RV Maintenance for Winter Travel

2 years ago in RV, Camper, Motorhome, Safety

Winter RVing is a real treat for those of you who have never tried it, especially in the south where we can enjoy cool weather without ice and snow longer than the rest of the country! It does have its differences, though, so here are some things to keep in mind for cold weather RVing! More »